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The neonatology department provides services to the newborns of two components of PIMS is Children Hospital and MCH center. It is the largest tertiary careneonatal unit in public sector catering for a vast area including Kashmir, KPK and upper Punjab. 

More About Us:

The department consists of two units. One is based in the Children Hospital and consists of an 18 bedded ICU, 6 general ward beds and an independent Outdoor Patient Department.  The Neonatal ICU is equipped with tertiary care facilities including neonatal ventilation.  The other unit is based in Maternal & Child Health Center and consists of a 14 bedded neonatal care unit caring for over 14000 deliveries annually.

Research & Services



The department is headed by a Professor of Neonatology. In addition we have an Associate Professor and an Assistant Professor and two senior registrars.
Prof Mahmood Jamal MCPS, FCPS
Associate Professor:
Dr. Iqtada Haider Shirazi
Assistant Professor
Dr. Nusrat Khan
Senior Registrars
Dr. Shireen Gul
Dr. SadiaRiaz

Training Programme

Training programmes:
Academically the department is actively engaged in imparting training in the field of neonatology to all kinds of health professionals. We have exclusive neonatology training programme for FCPS neonatology, MD Neonatal medicine and House physicians. At the moment we have 2 FCPS and 6 MD post graduates being trained exclusively in Neonatal medicine. In addition we have rotational training in neonatology for the FCPS, DCH /MCPS pediatrics.

Future Plans

Future Plans
We plan to further strengthen neonatal services in PIMS and continue with training of Doctors, pediatricians, Obstetricians and other health care providers in essential neonatal care
Establishment of perinatal center with an objective to provide advanced (intensive) care to the newborns referred from the community and other hospitals. Original PC-I amounting to Rs.1.3 Billion was submitted in June 2007
To develop a community outreach program through linkages with other health facilities of Islamabad Capital Area and develop a model facility for training of Community Health Workers, Physicians in the field of Neonatal Medicine.
To develop a National Focal Center for investigations and research in the field of Neonatal/ Perinatal medicine in future. There are numerous inherited metabolic and genetic problems in the country with no facilities at all for their screening, investigation, management and preventive counseling.