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The department of Dermatology is located in PIMS Hospital, Islamabad. The unit was established in 1985 with the inception of the hospital. It consists of 12 bedded indoor unit and outdoor unit along with Dermatological Procedure compartment. The unit is recognized by College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan for FCPS in Dermatology and has also been recognized by SZABMU for MD Post Grad training. Both consultants of FCPS and MD Dermatology that have been trained here are serving diligently all over the country and abroad as well.

Teaching Faculty of Dermatology Department :

The Dermatology department is headed by Dr. Riaz Khan Marwat, Assistant Professor of Dermatology (MBBS, MCPS, MD Dermatology and PhD in Dermatology from Sri Lanka). He is supervisor of FCPS Dermatology and currently 12 candidates/ post graduate trainees are enrolled under his supervision.
Dr. Mehwish Aftab Khan, Assistant Professor of Dermatoogy (MBBS, FCPS Dermatology) is also a member of the faculty. Soon she will be starting training of MD Dermatology Post Graduate Students under her supervision.
Dr. Anum Khan (MBBS, FCPS Dermatology) is a valuable addition to the academics of the department and she is of great help in both academic and clinical activities taking place in the department.
Dr. Maria Saleem (MBBS, FCPS Dermatology) currently on deputation to KPK will be joining the department back soon.
Two senior medical officers, Dr. Sadia Anwar and Dr. Mubashir Mushtaq Daha are of great help in managing patients in both OPD and Indoor.

Head Of Department

Dr. Riaz Khan Marwat

Is currently working as Head of Department of Dermatology. He Graduated from Khyber Medical College and did FCPS in Dermatology from CPSP. After which he has completed his MD training from UHS, Lahore. Both training of MCPS and MD were taken from Jinnah Hospital Lahore under supervision of worthy Professor Muhammad Jahangir. Dr. Riaz is also having a PhD degree in Dermatology from Sri Lanka.
He is supervising the training of FCPS Dermatology Post Graduate Trainees and MD Dermatology. He is also. Involved in training house officers as well as giving lectures to final year medical students in FMDC, Islamabad. He attains experience in both adult and pediatric dermatology.








Research & Services

List of Services

1. Post Graduate training (FCPS & MD)
2. Academic and Clinical classes of FMDC students.
3. Training of House Officers in Dermatology for those students who want to continue Dermatology as a career in their future.
4. Outdoor patient department (OPD) with 200-400 patients per day. (3 rooms for OPD)
5. Indoor patient services for Dermatological ailments in Medical Ward-3 (Total 8 beds)
6. Skin biopsy for Histopathology.
7. TCA application for treatment of warts, skin tags, xanthelasmas.
8. Electrocautery for warts, pyogenic granuloma and electrolysis of facial hair.
9. We were doing Phototherapy for Vitiligo and Psoriasis but since the machines have become too old and have run out of order. Hence we need modern full body phototherapy machines alongside two partial body ones for upper limb, face and lower limbs.
10. We have requested for Laser machines as no Dermatology unit can survive without laser machines. Hoping to get them soon.
11. We have also requested for providing liquid nitrogen for cryotherapy of plantar warts. Similarly, one machine of Iontophoresis for Hyperhidrosis treatment and Wood’s Lamp for examination/ confirmation of vitiligo, porphyria and other illnesses.
12. In order to setup modern procedure room, we also need centrifuge machine, surgical equipment, autoclave and other various chemicals like Jessen’s Solution, Salicylic acid, Lactic acid, Urea, LPC, and jars, marble piece. Emulsifying ointment/ Petroleum Jelly/ Aqueous cream are also need of the day for indoor patients. We have already applied for these and are hoping to get them soon.
13. For local skin procedures like slit skin smear or slides for fungal hyphae examination of skin and nails. We also need Giensa Stain & KOH 10%, 20%. Similarly sutures and punches are also need for skin and punch biopsies.
14. We have also requested for procedure room to perform all these procedures as we are short of space. 

Current Research Underway

1. Comparative efficacy and safety of low dose versus high dose isotretinoin in severe acne vulgaris patients.
2. Comparison of efficacy of typica Clindamycin alone versus Clindamycin plus Tretinoin in patients with mild to moderate acne.
3. Comparison of efficacy of oral azithromycin with oral doxycycline in the treatment of acne vulgaris.
4. Comparison of efficacy and safety between oral isotretinoin and topical permethrin in patients diagnosed with scabies.
5. Frequency of Vitamin D deficiency in Alopecia Acreta patients.

Academics and workshops

1. 4th and Final year lectures/ Clinicals of undergraduate students.
2. Daily ward teaching of post graduate students and ward round.
3. Training of House Officers.
4. Clinicopathological conference of Dermatological cases.
5. Long case presentation of Post Graduate students.
6. Recent guidelines and Journal club presentations
7. Clinical Slide sessions as well as Histopathology slides examination.
8. PowerPoint presentations pf Post Graduate trainees about dermatological ailments.