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The Children Hospital


The Children Hospital is a state-of-the-art facility, catering for children of ages up to 12 years providing medical, surgical and intensive care facilities. It was established in 1985 in collaboration with the people of Japan through JICA. Since then, it has been a symbol of excellence in providing pediatric and neonatal health care both nationally and internationally.

Teaching Faculty at Children Hospital:

A magnitude of training programs and workshops are conducted on regular basis including clinical classes, journal clubs, mortality audits, tumor board meetings, clinic-pathological conferences and grand rounds in all the wards.
Training and awareness sessions organized in collaboration with WHO, UNICEF and other organizations are also regularly conducted.
Research Projects

1. Rare disease screening program in collaboration with ARCENSUS (Germany)
2. Nutritional Stabilization center in collaboration with WHO
3. TB center for children in collaboration with WHO
4. Kangaroo mother care center (UNICEF)
5. National standard of care protocol for treatment of non- metastatic
6.Unilateral Retinoblastoma (Pediatric Oncology department)
7.National PSPO protocol for Pediatric Acute Leukemia (Pediatric Oncology department)
8.Multicenter trial for chemo extravasation and mucositis (Pediatric Oncology department)

Services & Facilities

• Accident & Emergency
• Outpatient Department
• Speacialized OPDS
• Tb Clinic
• Nephrology Clinic
• Endocrinology Clinic
• Neurology Clinic
• Rheumatology Clinic
• Neonatology Clinic
• Gastroenterology Clinic
• Oncology Clinic
• Paediatric Surgery Clinic
• Childhood Autism Clinic
• ENT/Ophthalmology Clinic
• Physiotherapy/Speech Therapy/ Occupational Therapy
• Child Psychiatry Clinic & Hemophilia Center
• General Outdoor Services
• Sample collection center
• Pharmacy
• Vaccination Center
• Growth monitoring
• Filter medical and surgical clinic

  • Pediatric Oncology Department

  • Accident & Emergency Department

  • Intensive Care Unit

  • Infectious Diseases Unit

  • West Medical Ward

  • East Medical Ward

  • Academics & Research

Head Of Department

Prof.Dr. Maqbool Hussain 

Children Hospital seeks to combine excellence in education with service to the humanity, patient care and research. Our vision is to be recognized as innovative and leading Pediatric Department of the territory. Our goal is to provide students with a balance of intellectual and practical experiences that enable them to serve a variety of clinical cases and professionalism. In our department students are nurtured to become best medical professionals working as clinical leads and faculty in various institutes and become independent excellent pediatricians serving the ailing society in  their own innovative way. I am sure in times to come; many students from our department will make indelible mark nationally and internationally in the field of pediatrics and make us proud. We hold firm belief in our ability to succeed, and we nurture an attitude of self-reliance, confidence, commitment and responsibility to the motherland that we are to serve and provide a remarkable experience that lasts a life time


Dr. Asma Faridi

Medical Officer

Dr. Tazeen Anwar

Medical Officer

Dr. Abdur Riaz

Medical Officer

Dr. Muhammad Ibrahim

Medical Officer

Dr. Gul Rehman

Medical Officer

The care you need. The compassion you deserve.

Research & Services

List Of Services

1.  Outdoor patient department (OPD) with multiple clinics of General Obstetrics, General Gynae , High Risk
Obstetrics Clinic, Subfertility Clinic, Refer room, Day care room, Outdoor H&C , Ultrasound room and
HIV/PPTCT clinic. 
2.  Emergency Room. 
3.  High dependency unit with ventilator availability. 
4.  General labour room and private labour room.
5.  Emergency and elective operation Theatre.
6.  Laparoscopic surgery Operation Theatre.
7.  Neonatology staff availability 24/7 in labour room and OT.
8.  Trained nursing staff of Anaesthesia and OT.
9.  Kangaroo mother care. 
10.  Private ward and general ward with isolation room and dressing room.
11.  Outreach facility.
12.  Fistula and Urogynaecology clinic.
13.  Oncology services with MDM with NORI & Radiology.
14.  Academic lecture and clinical classes of FMDC.
15.  Postgraduate Training FCPS & MS.
16.  Training of Midwives.
17.  Training Centre & Skill lab.
18.  Academic programme, Maternal Morbidity &  Neonatology Audit.

Current Research Underway

• Comparison of efficacy of Magnesium supplements in preventing leg cramps with placebo.
• Respectful maternity care during labour In a tertiary care hospital.
• Cryptomenorrhea due to past pelvic trauma in adolescent girls.
• The modified Robson criteria for cesarean section. 
• Metformin vs life style modification on AMH levels polycystic ovaries.
• Diagnostic accuracy of MEWTs in predicting maternal morbidity in terms of ICU admission.
• Management of patient with prom at term Prom.
• Role of Urodeoxycholic acid verses placebo in obstetric care.
• Successful pregnancy outcome following pneumonectomy. 
• Metformin verses lifestyle modification on AMH levels in polycystic ovarian disease.
• Comparison of ultrashort acting verses regular insulin in control in GDM.

Academics & Workshops

• 4th yr and final year lectures/clinical of undergraduate students.
• Daily ward teaching of undergraduate students.
• Clinicopathological conference of gynaecological cases. 
• MCH and Neonatology department monthly audit.
• Grand round weekly and case presentation of postgraduate students.
• Recent guidelines and journal club presentations.
• Workshop on modern contraception methods. 
• Workshop on clinical revision course and Toacs preparation. 
• LARC workshop.
• SPSS workshop.
• MDSR workshop.
• Neonatal resuscitation workshop.
• KMC workshop.
• PIMS symposium.