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Farhana Azim


Ms. Farhana’s interest lies in Philanthropy and Social work having BS from the College of Home Economics, Lahore. She is associated with numerous organizations in Pakistan who dedicate themselves for contributing unconditionally to the welfare of Society. 
Ms. Farhana’s affiliation with PIMS began in 1990 when she became acutely aware about the strengths and deficiencies of the Institute due to her parents’ and husband’s illness respectively.

Since then, she has been engaged in various initiatives focused on patient care and facilitation, not just at PIMS but at other Hospitals as well.

She not only donated Source Plasma kits and injections to PIMS for treatment of GBS (Guillain Barre Syndrome) patients but also collected funds to help The Hospice in Rawalpindi with beds, and wheelchairs, and assisted the Welfare Department of Shifa International Hospital, Islamabad with medicines and walkers for patients.

 Ms. Farhana represented Pakistani globally as a Volunteer Member and the National Chief Commissioner of the Pakistan Girl Guides Association and up-lift the national profile for women’s inclusion and contribution.

She managed Relief Camps, conducted Trainings and Workshops at PIMS and other makeshift Hospitals after the 2005 earthquake, envisioned and executed the first national camping site of Pakistan Girls Guide, oversaw the renovation of the Muzaffarabad Guide House which was destroyed in the 2005 earthquake and curated programs like Vocational and Emergency Preparedness Trainings for earthquake affectees. As a dedicated social worker, Ms. Farhana is a Member of the Board of Trustees of the Kashmir Education Foundation where she has initiated a program to run five schools on donations.

These schools charge a nominal fee and also offer scholarships on merit. She has secured funding for schools in various towns and villages in Kashmir and Chakwal. She has participated in efforts to alleviate hardships of flood as well as earthquake victims and worked with Internally Displaced Persons.  She has executed several Civic Amenities Welfare Projects in Islamabad.  

Ms. Farhana is a Member of the Floral Art Society of Pakistan, and Advisor to the Executive Committee. She is internationally recognized as a Floral Artist and has been covered in International Publications appreciating her Techniques and Exhibits.

“My association with PIMS is over two decades long, first as caregiver and attendant to my closest family members who were treated here, and subsequently through my social services initiatives. I am witness to PIMS’ strengths while also becoming acutely aware of its weaknesses. I envision FMTI-PIMS as a haven of empathetic care, expert professional treatment, and world class facilities so that every patient, rich or poor, is ensured the best possible experience here. Most importantly, I want to contribute to alleviating the plight of every Pakistani who walks into our facility with hope and trust.”

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