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Prof. Dr. Shagufta Hussain


Professor Shagufta is a leading Microbiologist of Pakistan. She has been associated with PIMS since its inception in 1985 and joined the clinical Microbiology section of the Department of Pathology after being trained at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology. Her experience spans not just adult microbiology but she has also managed the PIMS Children Hospital microbiology laboratory and under her supervision this laboratory served as a reference lab for acute respiratory infections studies of WHO Pakistan. She is associated with WHO as Infection Prevention & Control (IPC)expert and has recently, with her team, helped to establish department of Infection Prevention & Control at PIMS with a vision of providing safe and infection free care to the patients.

Professor Shagufta has teaching career of more than 32 yrears and is known as a committed and passionate teacher to her postgraduate and under graduate students.She has trained and taught students of diploma of clinical pathology and MPhil & MD degree pograms in Microbiology and other disciplines of pathology, BS nursing program, and technicians and technologists’ training in routine and specialised microbiology laboratory procedures and techniques.
Since 1991, she has been an examiner in medical microbiology at QuaideAzam University, Islamabad where she got her department at PIMS approved for DCP, MPhil and MD course in Microbiology . She has been teaching Microbiology in post graduate courses run by her institute for Fellows of College of Physicians and Surgeons of Pakistan Part I preparation.

Professor Shagufta’s focus areas are medical education, infection control and identification of development of antimicrobial resistance in common bacterial pathogens especially Salmonella spp. and cholera organisms, and discovering new antibiotic options for such multiresistant pathogens. As chairperson of the first infection control committee at PIMS, Professor Shagufta established the system by inducting & training the infection control nurses; in order to control resistant bugs out breaks in wards, and awareness building related to hygiene and best practice processes and guidelines to break the chain of transmission of infections in health care facility.

Professor Shagufta is credited for publications in journals of international repute and her expertise in the field of Microbiology is globally acknowledged. She is the editor of International Journal of Pathology which is recognized by relevant regulatory bodies in Pakistan and reviewer of many medical Journals.

Professor Shagufta holds a MBBS degree from Fatima Jinnah Medical University, Lahore and a MPhil in Medical microbiology from the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology. She retired from PIMS in April 2012.

“I have the honor of being part of PIMS, both as a practitioner and a teacher, since its inception, and I consider myself privileged to have participated in its growth and evolution. PIMS’ history has been checkered and while the highs have been inspirational, the lows have tested and challenged us. It is my greatest desire to put my deep and broad knowledge of this great institution to its benefit, and ensure that we achieve a level of excellence in policy making, imparting knowledge, medical practice, safe and efficient healthcare service delivery, patient safety, operations and facilitation.”

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