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Dr Abid Malik

Dr. Abid Malik is a leading professional in dentistry in Pakistan. His association with PIMS began in 1987 when he headed the department of dentistry as well as managed various other departments. Dr. Malik has received several awards and honorary degrees from different institutions and countries. Amongst these is the prestigious ‘Tamgha-e-Eesar’ awarded by the honorable President of Pakistan in 2006 for his commendable pro bono initiative to serve the survivors of the tragic earthquake of 2005.


Dr. Malik’s association with PIMS began in 1987. He headed the dentistry department but also administered the Children’s Hospital as well as the Mother and Child Center. Dr. Malik’s understanding of PIMS’ vision and mission, as well as its staff and operations, is deep and broad.

In 2006, the Government of Pakistan awarded Dr. Abid Malik the highly prestigious “Tamgha-e-Eesar” alongside several ambassadors representing countries which came to Pakistan’s support after the tragic earthquake of 2005 which shook our northern areas and claimed many lives. On a pro bono basis, Dr. Malik set up a makeshift hospital at the Sports Complex in Islamabad, took in about 450 patients for treatment and housed their homeless families as well.   

In addition, he mobilized PIMS to provide emergency services to earthquake affectees pouring into Islamabad. Dr. Malik’s spirit of giving continues through the three free dental clinics he runs, as well as the many charitable initiatives PIMS undertakes in partnership with like minded organizations. 
Dr Malik’s greatest wish and passion is to see PIMS grow in excellence. This can only happen with an aspirational vision, mission of service with humility, and the integrated strategic plan upon which PIMS’ infallible operation is structured. 
He particularly wishes to see young doctors work hard and excel in their speciality. The seniors should transfer their vast knowledge to juniors for the betterment of humanity and the institution. 

More importantly, the colleagues on the Board Governors and the Management Committee share Dr. Malik’s aim to provide results-oriented leadership and aspiration to inculcate in all staff empathy, dedication and care for the patients, particularly respect for elders in young doctors.

Dr. Abid Malik graduated from De’Montmorency College of Dentistry Lahore in 1985. He has earlier worked in PIMS from 1987 to 2004.
In addition to currently having a private practice in Islamabad (Malik Dental Associates), he also runs three free dental clinics.

“My greatest wish is to witness FMTI PIMS grow in excellence and become recognized as an iconic representative of our great country, Pakistan. This will become possible with our aspirational vision, our mission of service with humility, and our integrated strategic plan upon which our infallible operation is structured. My colleagues on the Board of Governors and the Management Committee share my aspirations and we aim to provide results-oriented leadership. We have a phenomenal team of doctors, nurses, paramedics and non medical staff who, with inspiration and guidance, will not only help realize our vision but will also impart their vast knowledge to our younger generation.”




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