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About Us


The plan of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), Islamabad was conceived in early 60s as the premier hospital for the capital with the objective to provide tertiary level patient care services and accept referrals. Doctors and allied health professions at all levels in the field of medicine & allied specialties, surgery & allied specialties, obstetrics/gynaecology and pediatrics provide clinical services, conduct applied research in relevant specialties and develop linkages with academic institutions, national and international agencies including WHO, UNICEF, JICA in order to provide state of the art clinical services, to promote health care activities, research and medical education.

Our Vision & Mission

Our mission is conforming to a unique culture of excellence and innovation, our mission is to promote all aspects of health by providing compassionate patient care, quality education and cutting-edge research.


Daily Patients



Board of Governors

Dr. Abid Malik
Chairman Board of Governors FMTI-PIMS

Dr. Abid Malik is a leading professional in dentistry in Pakistan. His association with PIMS began in 1987 when he headed the department of dentistry as well as managed various other departments.

Dr. Malik has received several awards and honorary degrees from different institutions and countries. Amongst these is the prestigious ‘Tamgha-e-Eesar’ awarded by the honorable President of Pakistan in 2006 for his commendable pro bono initiative to serve the survivors of the tragic earthquake of 2005.

Members Board of Governors

Management Committee

Prof. Dr. Rizwan Taj

Dean FMTI-PIMS Islamabad

Maj. Gen. Waseem Ahmed

Dean S.O.D FMTI-PIMS Islamabad

Dr. Khalid Masud

Hospital Director FMTI-PIMS Islamabad

Prof. Dr. Syed Hashim Raza

Medical Director FMTI-PIMS Islamabad

Mrs. Humaera Khushnood

Nursing Director FMTI-PIMS Islamabad

Mr. Hasnat Ahmed Ali

Finance Director