Mother & Child Health Care Centrel


Pakistan is one of the country with a high maternal and infant mortality rates. Women, especially pregnant women suffer even at primary care level due to a lack of properly trained and skill health care worker in the community. To over come this issue the Mother & Child Health Care Centre a training Institute which have an attached 125 bedded hospital has been established with the help of JICA.

The MCH Centre is closely connected with the Project Type Technical Corporation PTTC for the save motherhood in Pakistan. The centre has been constructed on turn key basis under the Japanese grant assistance program. The total covered area of the building is 10661sq.m. This centre has been constructed in two year and in two stages. Stage 1 Main building and Stage 2 OPD/Midway House building.


The objective of the project are as under;

  1. To reduce maternal mortality by promoting "Safe Motherhood in Target Areas".

  2. To develop human resources for maternal health care in target areas.

  3. Direct training of health personnel in target area.


Joint Executive Director is the Incharge of Administration of Mother & Child Health Centre. Total sanctioned posts are 343 which includes specialists, Nurses, Paramedics, and other officials.


Nature of clinical services provided by the MCH Centre are;

  1. Out Patient Services

  2. In-Patient Services

  3. Accident & Emergencies Services

  4. Operation Theatre

  5. Radiology Services

  6. Pathology Services

Supporting Services

To make it functional as complete department with all the facilities the supporting services are as under;

  1. General Sterilization

  2. Laundry

  3. Medical Supply

  4. Transport

  5. Midway House

  6. Kitchen

  7. HVAC

  8. Library

  9. Auditorium

  10. Cafeteria

  11. Doctors Hostel

  12. Pharmacy

  13. Training centre

  14. Fully equipped computer lab.

Bed Distribution

Mother & Child Health Care Centre has provided 125 beds in which 85 are general beds 20 are semi private 15 are private beds and 5 critical care beds.

Work Load

The average daily workload of the patient attendance in out patient is 130. Daily average admission inpatient department is 25, emergency cases are 20 and surgical cases are 6.

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