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First Time Minimally Invasive Cardiac Surgery In Islamabad

To congratulate a great achievement by Cardiac Surgical team, led by Dr Ishtiaq Ali Rahman, Consultant Cardiac Surgeon, PIMS, for performing the first in Islamabad minimally invasive cardiac surgery (aortic valve replacement) through small five centimetre incision only.

In routine cardiac surgical operation the chest bone is split fully open leaving a 15 to 20 centimetre incision. But Dr Ishtiaq assisted by junior surgeon Dr Sangin Wazir and his expert PIMS team consisting of Dr Rana Imran, Dr Salman, Dr Rasheed (Anaesthesia), Javed Iqbal, Fauzia and Sajjad (Perfusion), Mohammad Jaffar, Javed Akhtar (Scrub), Dr Fazlul Aziz Miah (Cardiology), George and ICU and ward nursing staff have performed first time surgery through a small incision.

Two patients have so far received this new technique at PIMS. 

The first patient was an elderly heavy smoker with aortic valve disease. He was discharged home following successful surgery after few days. This was possible due to maintaining integrity of the chest bone and mechanics of respiratory function in spite of patient being a heavy smoker. The patient was delighted with the result.

The second patient was a young man with aortic valve disease and dilated failing heart. He too was discharged home shortly following his successful surgery. This patient has benefitted cosmetically from the small incision and also in later life if he requires further second cardiac surgery, his operation risk will be minimal. This patient and family were very grateful.

It is clear this new surgery offers early mobilisation of patient, faster recovery and lower risk of infection.

Dr Ishtiaq, Consultant Cardiac Surgeon, PIMS, was trained fully in U.K. and Canada and has come to Pakistan in last few months to provide his expert and unique services to benefit the country. He is encouraging patients to come to PIMS to be assessed by him for his new surgery.

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